Under the Weather? Maybe Your Local Pharmacist Can Help

As you may know, most general practitioners are only available for a set number of hours each day and almost never on weekends or public holidays. However, your body may not adhere to these time guidelines, and you may develop some unexplained symptoms without warning and "out of hours." If you find yourself in just such a position now, the situation is not really an emergency, but you still want to do something, why should you consider your nearest, 24-hour pharmacy?

How Offering Compounding Services Can Increase Your Pharmaceutical Business

Compounding services refers to creating pharmaceutical medications from scratch, meaning mixing the ingredients yourself and creating a personalized medication for a patient. In times past, medications were all made by compounding, but then drug companies began mass producing medications and pharmacists began just dispensing them, not compounding them. Today, however, with the advent of advanced technology available to pharmacists, it's easier than ever to offer compounding services to your patients. Note a few reasons why they may need these services and how this type of service can increase your pharmaceutical business overall.