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Under the Weather? Maybe Your Local Pharmacist Can Help

As you may know, most general practitioners are only available for a set number of hours each day and almost never on weekends or public holidays. However, your body may not adhere to these time guidelines, and you may develop some unexplained symptoms without warning and "out of hours." If you find yourself in just such a position now, the situation is not really an emergency, but you still want to do something, why should you consider your nearest, 24-hour pharmacy?

Fully Trained 

Before they are permitted to begin a practice, your local pharmacist must go through a very rigorous education process and has to become fully trained in medicine. While they are not qualified to diagnose medical issues, per se, they will nevertheless be able to recognise a very wide variety of everyday health complaints. Consequently, they may be able to offer you some advice out of hours and if it is felt to be necessary, may be able to dispense non-prescription medications or over-the-counter solutions while you wait. They will also be able to give you advice on the medication itself and answer any questions you might have.

Fast Solutions

In the vast majority of cases, non-prescription or over-the-counter medication can be used to get you back to normal. At the very least, they may help you to get through the night or weekend until you can schedule a visit to your general practitioner. For example, your 24-hour chemist can provide relief from hay fever or allergies or a nagging case of indigestion. They can help you to cope with colds, coughs and sore throats or other respiratory ailments.

Advice About Existing Meds

On the other hand, you may have been diagnosed and have subsequently received some prescription medication for an existing condition but may now be experiencing some kind of reaction. As it is out of hours, you cannot talk directly with your doctor, but your local pharmacist should nevertheless be able to give you some advice now. Perhaps you should be taking it with some food instead, or you are storing the medication in the wrong place. The expert will be able to answer your questions before you can access your doctor's office.

Bear in Mind

Remember, the pharmacist is not qualified to provide a diagnosis or to deal with any emergency situation. You should get in touch with your nearest hospital if you're particularly worried instead.