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How Offering Compounding Services Can Increase Your Pharmaceutical Business

Compounding services refers to creating pharmaceutical medications from scratch, meaning mixing the ingredients yourself and creating a personalized medication for a patient. In times past, medications were all made by compounding, but then drug companies began mass producing medications and pharmacists began just dispensing them, not compounding them. Today, however, with the advent of advanced technology available to pharmacists, it's easier than ever to offer compounding services to your patients. Note a few reasons why they may need these services and how this type of service can increase your pharmaceutical business overall.

1. Special diets

Today, many people follow special diets or prefer certain dietary restrictions even for their medications, including choosing medicines that are made without any animal products, that are gluten-free, sugar-free, free of preservatives, free of artificial dyes, and the like. When you can offer medications to customers who prefer that they be made without any animal fat or artificial flavors or other such ingredients, you can easily increase your customer base. Your customers may see that the medications you create through compounding aren't as upsetting to their system and sensitivities and may be happy to pay to have them specially made.

2. Easier dosing

Some patients may have a hard time swallowing pills, while others don't like the aftertaste of certain syrups. If you offer compounding services, you can then create medications in a form that is more palatable to patients. In some cases, this can be the only way they can actually take their medication; elderly patients or children may be physically unable to swallow the large pills that are often dispensed in mass-produced medications, or someone with arthritis may struggle to measure out a syrup from a small bottle and tiny measuring cup. By offering various dosing options, customers may find it easier to take their medications overall.

3. Discontinued or specialty medications

Mass-produced medicines are usually made for mass distribution, and if a medicine doesn't sell very well, a manufacturer may no longer produce and distribute it, just like any other product that languishes in the market. Offering compounding services can mean being able to produce discontinued medications or specialty medications that are no longer offered by major drug manufacturers, but which work best for your customers. Even if they need to pay a higher price for these medications, they may be willing to have them compounded and produced for them if the medication is what they need and if they cannot be found elsewhere.